Joue is a global brand offering lifestyle products designed with excellent craftsmanship in small batches to meet customers'  demand for individuality. We are recognizing a growing shift in consumer buying patterns - away from mass-market offerings that are found in many design shops across the globe. Consumers are intelligent, have excellent taste and are demanding specialty, high-quality goods created in very small quantities to preserve the artistry that has become lost in the drive toward mainstream accessibility in design. To put it another way, good design doesn't have to be mass-produced.

Joue is here to think differently. Design is not about fitting into the latest trends. It's for us to stand out and lead, taking interpretations from low-end (combing through thrift shops) to merging with high-end (fresh off the runways of Paris Fashion Week). A Joue home is filled with personality, putting a fresh twist on tired, old ideas and bringing the fun back to design.

Our first creations are luxury throw pillows – each one meticulously designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, using the best quality fabrics and materials. Our craftsmen and trades are experts in their field – true artisans.

Welcome to the world of Joue; where design is 'play' and the focus toward work/life balance and the pursuit of happiness. 


Meet the Designers


Co-Founder and Designer

Alison has been living and breathing design for over 25 years. Originally studying Fashion Design she ended up in Architecture and Interior Design and started her own firm in 2003, Studio West Designs. She is also Director of Special Projects at Azurean Architecture and owner of Wares, Inc., a new houseware utilities design firm. Alison and Cindy co-own the blog, Shoestring Moguls, the story of their journey into entrepreneurship. Alison studied at BCIT with an Architectural major, as well as Emily Carr University of Art & Design and Royal Architectural Syllabus for Architecture. This busy gal lives in Vancouver with her hubby and four kids.


Co-Founder and Designer

Cindy has been involved in communications design for public and private companies in Vancouver for nearly 20 years. From annual reports and websites to garment and booth design for trade shows, Cindy has developed her expertise across multiple mediums. She currently heads up mergers and acquisitions communication for a global software company while also a serial entrepreneur: owner of Handsome and The Duck, a new online vintage décor company; founder of The Vancouverite, a lifestyle blog covering the global fashion industry, wine, food, travel and important and emerging Vancouver shops; and of course, co-owning the Shoestring Moguls blog with Alison. Cindy earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and has studied communications design at Emily Carr University of Art & Design and BCIT. She lives in Vancouver with her boyfriend and two kids.